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Holly Holder
Senior Evidence Manager - Homes
Holly leads our evidence strategy on Healthy Ageing and Safe and Accessible Homes.

Holly joined Ageing Better from NHS England’s innovation and strategy directorate. She was a policy manager on issues related to integrated care and commissioning. She also worked in the Urgent and Emergency Care National Operations team, monitoring and supporting improvements to patient care.

Prior to this, Holly worked as a Fellow in Health Policy at the Nuffield Trust. There she conducted research on social care provision, primary care design and health care commissioning, and undertook several evaluations of large-scale integrated care programmes.  

Holly also has experience working in social housing – as a researcher and consultant for Campbell Tickell. As well as experience in human rights and equalities research more generally, working for the Centre for Analysis of Social Exclusion at The London School of Economics. 

She joined Ageing Better in December 2018.