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Read all the latest case studies and personal stories from the Centre for Ageing Better

Older couple looking onto a river

Find out more about examples of good practice and people's experiences of growing older.

The views and opinions expressed in these stories are those of the authors where directly quoted. They do not necessarily reflect the policy or positions of the Centre for Ageing Better.

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Latest stories

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radio recording

Age-friendly case study: Community radio for and by people in later life

This set of case studies highlights four organisations across Age-friendly Communities who have set up radio programmes with and for older listeners.

  • Communities
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A few houses on a street

Pauline's voice - Good homes for all

Ever since needing a wheelchair, Pauline's home doesn't work for her – she's recently been confined to the ground floor of her three-bedroom home.

  • Housing
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desktop screens

Michael's voice - COVID-19 and the digital divide

“If anyone needs to get out and do things, do it on a computer. It’s a fantastic freedom”.

  • Communities
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man holding phone

Pat's voice - COVID-19 and the digital divide

“We talk about anything and nothing – it’s a lifeline for someone like me… If I can’t find out about something – she looks things up for me on the computer.”

  • Communities
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man on laptop at home

Age UK – COVID-19 and the digital divide

“Being adaptable and flexible enough to deliver our support remotely during the pandemic has meant that we’ve continued to help older people at a time when they need us the most.”

  • Communities
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Two people sitting on an age-friendly bench

‘Couch to Out and About’: age-friendly walking in Greater Manchester

Tameside Council in Greater Manchester is encouraging older residents to be more physically active and socialise through walking.

  • Health
  • Communities
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desktop screen

Northfield Community Partnership – COVID-19 and the digital divide

This is the story of how Northfield Community Partnership (NCP) provided digital support to over 50s during the pandemic.

  • Communities
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Yoga mat

Aggie's voice - a new venture in your 60s

Aggie MacKenzie, the ‘Queen of Clean', decided to become a yoga instructor in her 50s. She's managed to continue working through the pandemic so that she and her clients can remain fit and healthy.

  • Health