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Read all the latest news and blogs from the Centre for Ageing Better

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Low earners disproportionately more likely to respond to increases in state pension age by working longer

New research from the Institute for Fiscal Studies (IFS) and funded by Ageing Better reveals that the rise in the state pension age has increased employment rates of 65 year olds, but the effects have not been felt equally.

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Group of older people talking

Guidance for journalists on writing about older age now available on IPSO website

Our guidance on writing about ageing and older age is now available on the Independent Press Standards Organisation's (IPSO) external resources for journalists.

  • Ageing in society
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Ageism in the labour market will stifle the economic recovery

New figures show that there are around 200,000 fewer people aged 50-64 in employment than at start of pandemic.

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How can devolution in England help us to age better?

By working at a regional and local level we can make greater improvements to people’s lives. For this to happen more places need to take a collaborative and strategic approach to ageing, focused on addressing inequalities.

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Employment rates climb – but over 50s left behind

The latest ONS labour market figures show that employment in over 50s remains far below pre-pandemic levels, with over 170,000 fewer over 50s employed.

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Why the Social Care White Paper is right to make housing a focus

Over 4 million homes fail the basic health and safety tests, and over half of people who live in these are over 55. We need strong leadership to make sure housing is not left out of our health and care system.

  • Housing
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older woman working

What is the ‘great retirement,’ and should we be worried?

As the labour market recovers from COVID-19, we are starting to see that a significant proportion of older workers are not returning to work. But have these people really retired?

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